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I will advocate for your well being and safety while you embark on your cosmetic procedure journey.
My purpose is to serve you, empower you to have the best experience in the Dominican Republic.

Meet our CEO: María González Sallent

Mary, a Dominican Republic-born professional with a Bachelor's degree in Hotel and Business Management, excels in catering to clients' needs. With extensive experience from renowned hotels in her home country, she offers valuable industry expertise. She leverages her business and leisure travels to provide firsthand knowledge of top accommodations, transportation, and experiences, earning the trust of her clients.

Recognizing the increasing demand for aesthetic procedures and the desire for unique travel experiences, Mary aims to expand her skills in this specialized area by combining personalized care with seamless travel arrangements. Her genuine concern for clients' happiness and safety make her an ideal partner for those venturing into the world of cosmetic tourism.

Living in the Netherlands since 2016, Mary brings an international flair to her concierge services, understanding diverse cultures and meeting global clientele expectations.

Our Mission

As your cosmetic travel concierge our goal is to provide exceptional service and a personalized touch to exceed our clients' expectations, allowing them to fully enjoy their experience without the burden of planning and organizing.

Our Plan

Our commitment to becoming the most reliable, go-to first, and trustworthy concierge company in the world is based on our dedication to exceptional service and industry knowledge, as well as our first-hand experience with our suppliers.

Our Vision

To establish an enduring legacy of trust and quality. We strive to create lasting relationships based on the confidence and peace of mind that comes from unparalleled trustworthiness and exceptional service.


Personal Concierge Services

Bilingual concierge buddies

They will support you in your most delicate times, allowing you to prioritize what matters most: your healing and recovery.

Reliable transportation

Our experienced drivers will ensure that you reach your destination on time and safely.

Clean and comfortable accommodations

Our clean and comfortable accommodations are designed to provide you with a home away from home experience.

Preparing healthy meals according to your dietary routines

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling can be a challenge. That's why we offer personalized meal preparation services.

Avoiding translation misunderstandings

We work closely with all our partners to ensure that everything is organized and taken care of, so you can relax and enjoy your trip without any stress.

In addition to these services

Booking activities, grocery shopping, restaurant reservations, recommendations for local attractions.


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